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It doesn’t matter if you are running a large company with hundreds of employees or a one-man band at home, everyone in the 21st century business world knows that search engine optimization (or SEO) is a huge importance. But do you really know what good SEO can do for your business, and how to achieve results? Or is it a concept you have only really heard of? In the modern, online business world, SEO is valuable and important, and it is essential that you get it right. At Adzzup we a professional SEO company with highly experienced experts in the field. Hiring us to optimize your website will not only be a huge weight off your shoulders, it will repay your investment with us many times over.

If you are a business owner, what should be important to you is how good SEO can drive relevant traffic to your site, and bring much-needed revenue and profit to your company. At Adzzup, we use the expression ‘content is king’ to indicate how vital the wording on your website is to the success of your site and ultimately your business. Achieving a lot of traffic to your website is one thing. Achieving specific traffic - visitors who are potential customers and buyers - takes that to a whole new level. These are the people you want to attract, and good, well-focused content can do that for you. For that, you need the services of our professional team.


So let’s say you operate a steak restaurant in Colorado. Your establishment - and many hundreds of others - will show up every time anyone looks for steakhouses in Colorado. But if your eatery has the extra dimension of specializing in wild game meats such as caribou, elk, wild boar and venison, then meat lovers will be able to find you by typing in any of these terms. Likewise if you operate a towing business in rural Kansas, it makes a huge difference if you tell potential customers that you have the only flatbed truck within a 100-mile radius.

That sort of specific and individualized wording for your website is worth its weight in gold. It is an excellent example of how search engine optimization works and at Adzzup, we do it every day in life. Put simply, if users type in ‘Colorado restaurant venison’ or flatbed truck Kansas’ there’s a good chance the websites in question will show up on the front page of Google. That is the goal of every company that has an online presence, and that is what our service will help you to achieve.

Of course there are other search engines on the internet but Google is the dominant player when it comes to search results. Ranking on the front page of Google, or any other search engine for that matter, is a big deal, and can make a huge difference to your company’s success. Google is constantly updating the way it ranks websites by updating its algorithm - and that is when you need the services of a reputable SEO services company such as Adzzup.

How do you optimize a website?

The Creative Team

Google’s algorithm takes hundreds of ranking factors into consideration, and the company is constantly updating and refining the process. That includes the quantity and quality of links to the domain; the quality of links to the pages; the relevance of the content throughout the site; the use of keywords; and social metrics such as Facebook shares and tweeted links. We have experts who will not only write superior, targeted content, but will also take care of all the necessary links, and give your company a strong social media presence.

Researching and targeting best practice when it comes to keywords on your site is absolutely crucial to the success of your site. It means identifying words or phrases that people will search for when looking for your company. When you hire us to build a site for your restaurant in Colorado, we will make sure that everyone who finds that site knows you sell caribou and wild boar. If you operate that towing company in Kansas, your site visitors will be told you have the only flatbed truck in the area.

That is a decent start, but of course there’s a lot more to it, and that’s why you are better off in our hands of an seo company - experts in the field who can achieve that Google front page ranking for you.

Keywords are included for a number of reasons. The words have to be relevant to your business, otherwise no-one will find you. It helps if they are ‘volume’ keywords, meaning you stand to reach a larger audience. So we need to know your potential client base, and what they are likely to search for. If you are not sure, then it is worth drawing up a list, partly so we can best handle your SEO marketing, and partly for your business in general.

Once you have a keyword list, we will break them down on to individual pages on your site. Each page will target a specific service or locality, and should have a ‘basket’ of terms. All the wording is considered by Google and goes towards the ranking of your site. There is much to consider including the fact that Google does not like the same word used too often, or the pages ‘stuffed’ with keywords. Google will penalize your site if that happens, and we use all our expertise and knowledge to achieve what is a delicate balancing act.

Get More Out of your Hard Work.

What are the advantages of an SEO company?

If you are still thinking of reaching out to Adzzup to help you achieve the best ranking results, but are unsure what we can do for you? The bottom line is that we are among the nation’s top SEO companies, and we offer years of experience in putting together well written, artistic, and crisp-looking websites on behalf of you the customer. We will, without doubt, improve your website, no matter what industry you are in. Without the expertise we offer, the less likely it is that your website will gain the exposure it deserves.

If you partner your company with Adzzup, we will then be able to alert you to and help you handle unexpected changes such as algorithm updates or Google penalties. It makes no sense to leave the success of your website to chance when we are available as SEO professionals. At Adzzup, our team will evaluate your website, those of your competitors, track your site’s progress, and draw up a comprehensive plan to increase your search visibility.

Outsourcing your SEO to us also allows you to focus on what you do best - the day to day running of your business. Many business people worldwide don’t have the knowledge or the time to create, update, and keep track of a website. The service offered by SEO experts like Adzzup is a godsend. We will take the stress off your shoulders, and let you concentrate on the company.